Skoda or Škoda may refer to:

Brands and enterprises

* Doosan Škoda Power, subsidiary of the Doosan Group, based in Plzeň, Czech Republic * Škoda Auto, automobile and previously bicycle manufacturer of the Czech Republic * Škoda Transportation, Czech engineering company that manufactures rail vehicles, based in Plzeň, Czech Republic * Škoda Works, former Czech aircraft, gun, locomotive, and tram manufacturer, the successor company is Škoda Transportation * Škoda Motorsport, the division of Škoda Auto responsible for motorsport activities


* Škoda (surname) * Skoda (Portuguese footballer) (born 1960)

Art, entertainment, and media

* "Škoda lásky", the original Czech title of the "Beer Barrel Polka" (literally "Wasted Love")


* ''Skoda'' (barquentine), sailing vessel built in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, in 1893 * Skoda Xanthi F.C., former name of the football club in Xanthi, Greece (sponsored by Škoda Auto in 1991-2016) ** Skoda Xanthi Arena, home stadium of Skoda Xanthi F.C. * Skoda–El Mir theorem, theorem of complex geometry {{DEFAULTSORT:Skoda