The ''Book of the Later Han'', also known as the ''History of the Later Han'' and by its Chinese name ''Hòu Hànshū'' (), is one of the Twenty-Four Histories and covers the history of the Han dynasty from 6 to 189 CE, a period known as the Later or Eastern Han. The book was compiled by Fan Ye and others in the 5th century during the Liu Song dynasty, using a number of earlier histories and documents as sources.


In 23 CE, Han dynasty official Wang Mang was overthrown by a peasants revolt known as the Red Eyebrows. His fall separates the Early (or Western) Han Dynasty from the Later (or Eastern) Han Dynasty. As an orthodox history the book is unusual in being completed over two hundred years after the fall of the dynasty. Fan Ye's primary source was the ''Dongguan Han Ji'' 東觀漢記 (Han Records of the Eastern Lodge), which was written during the Han dynasty itself.





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''Hou Hanshu'' (''Book of Later Han'')
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