Chapman may refer to:

Art and literature

*''Chapman Piloting'', a boating reference work *''Chapman'' (magazine), a Scottish literary journal

Businesses and organisations

*Chapman Guitars, a guitar company established in 2009 by Rob Chapman *Chapman's, a Canadian ice cream and ice water products manufacturer *Chapman & Hall, a former British publishing house *Chapman University, an American private university in Orange County, California


*Chapman (surname) *Chapman (occupation), itinerant dealers or hawkers in early modern Britain



*Chapman Rocks, Hero Bay, South Shetland Islands


*Chapman, Australian Capital Territory *Shire of Chapman Valley, Western Australia *Chapman River, a river in the Mid-West region of Western Australia


*Chapman Islands, Nunavut *Chapman Settlement, Nova Scotia * Chapman Mills, a community in Barrhaven, Ontario

South Africa

*Chapman's Peak, a mountain on the western side of the Cape Peninsula

United States

*Chapman, California, in Marin County *Chapman, Pasadena, California *Chapman, Kansas *Chapman, Maine *Chapman State Park (Maryland) *Chapman, Montana *Chapman, Nebraska *Chapman, Ohio *Chapman, Pennsylvania *Chapman State Park, Pennsylvania *Chapman, West Virginia *Chapman Bay, a body of water in Washington *Chapman Avenue, a street in Orange County, California, U.S.

Science and technology

*2409 Chapman, a main belt asteroid *Chapman (crater), a lunar crater that lies just beyond the northwest rim of the Moon *Chapman strut, an automobile suspension device


*''af Chapman'' (ship), a full-rigged ship in Stockholm, Sweden, now a youth hostel *''Chapman'' (1777 ship), a British merchant ship *NOAAS ''Chapman'' (R 446), an American fisheries research vessel

Other uses

*Chapman (drink), a non-alcoholic cocktail popular in Nigeria *Chapman code, a 3-letter code used in genealogy *Chapman function, associated with the absorption integral of the Earth's atmosphere *Chapman Hall, a building on the University of Oregon campus *Chapman Stick, a musical instrument *Chapman System, a pairs playing format in golf

See also

* *Chapman Lake (disambiguation) *Chapman Township (disambiguation) *Chapman's parakeet, a subspecies of the mitred parakeet *Chapman's swift, a species of swift in the family Apodidae *Chapman–Kolmogorov equation, in mathematics *Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium, Tulsa, U.S. {{disambiguation|geo