Composite or compositing may refer to:


* Composite material, a material that is made from several different substances ** Metal matrix composite, composed of metal and other parts ** Cermet, a composite of ceramic and metallic materials ** Dental composite, a substance used to fill cavities in teeth ** Composite armor, a type of tank armor * Alloy, a mixture of a metal and another element * Mixture, the combination of several different substances without chemical reaction


* Composite number, a positive integer that has at least one factor other than one or itself * Compositing (statistical method), another name for superposed epoch analysis


* Composite particle, a particle which is made up of smaller particles * ''Compositae'' or "composite family" of flowering plants * Composite volcano, a layered conical volcano


* Compositing, combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images ** Digital compositing * Composite pattern, a software design pattern used for computer programming * Composite video, an analogue video signal format * Composite portrait, a compositing of images such as faces to produce an Ideal type * Composite ship, a marine vessel with a design incorporating both wood and metal for the body * Composite bow, in archery, made of multiple materials, in contrast to an all-wood bow * Compositing window manager, a window manager that gives every window an off-screen buffer


* Composite card, a marketing tool for actors and models * Composite character, a character in an adaptation of a work formed from two or more characters from the original work * Composite order, in architecture, a type of capital on a column * Composite motion, in parliamentary procedure, created by assimilating multiple motions into one * Facial composite, an approximate likeness of a person's face based on an eyewitness's description * Composite (finance), a proxy for financial markets performance * Composite coach, a railway carriage with seating for more than one class of passenger

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