Domenico is an Italian given name for males and may refer to:


* Domenico Alfani, Italian painter * Domenico Allegri, Italian composer * Domenico Alvaro, Italian mobster * Domenico Ambrogi, Italian painter * Domenico Auria, Italian architect * Domenico del Barbieri, Florentine artist * Domenico di Bartolo, Italian painter * Domenico Bartolucci, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal * Domenico di Pace Beccafumi, Italian painter * Domenico Pignatelli di Belmonte, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal * Domenico Berardi, Italian footballer * Domenico Bernini, son of Gian Lorenzo Bernini * Domenico Bidognetti, Italian criminal * Domenico Bollani, Venetian diplomat and politician * Domenico Canale, Italian-American distributor * Domenico Caprioli, Italian painter * Domenico Caruso, Italian poet and writer * Domenico Cefalù, Italian-American mobster * Domenico Cimarosa, Italian composer * Domenico Cirillo, Italian physician and patriot * Domenico Colombo, father of Christopher Columbus * Domenico Comino, Italian politician * Domenico Condello, Italian mobster * Domenico Corcione, Italian general * Domenico Cotugno, Italian physician * Domenico Criscito, Italian footballer * Domenico Crivelli, British singer * Domenico De Sole, Italian businessman * Domenico della Rovere, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal * Domenico dell'Allio, Italian architect * Domenico Di Carlo, Italian football coach * Domenico Dolce, Italian fashion designer * Domenico Fetti, Italian painter * Domenico Fisichella, Italian academic and politician * Domenico Fontana, Italian Renaissance architect * Domenico Gabrielli, Italian composer and cello player * Domenico Gagini, Italian sculptor * Domenico Gallo, Italian composer * Domenico Gargiulo, Italian painter * Domenico Gattilusio, ruler of Lesbos * Domenico Ghirlandaio, Italian painter * Domenico Ghislandi, Italian painter * Domenico Giannace, Italian politician * Domenico Gilardi, Italian architect * Domenico Ginnasi, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal * Domenico Gnoli, several * Domenico Grimani, Italian Roman Catholic cardinal * Domenico Guglielmini, Italian scientist * Domenico Leccisi, Italian politician * Domenico Losurdo, Italian Marxist philosopher * Domenico Lucano, Italian politician * Domenico Maggiotto, Italian painter * Domenico Meldolesi, Italian cyclist * Domenico di Michelino, Italian painter * Domenico Michiel, Doge of Venice * Domenico Millelire, Italian patriot * Domenico Modugno, Italian singer, actor and politician * Domenico Montagnana, Italian master luthier * Domenico Maria Muratori, Italian painter * Domenico Mustafà, Italian singer and composer * Domenico Quaglio the Elder, Italian painter * Domenico Quaglio the Younger, German painter * Domenico Padovano, Italian Roman Catholic prelate * Domenico Passignano, Italian painter * Domenico da Piacenza, Italian Renaissance dancing master * Domenico Piola, Italian painter * Domenico Pellegrini, several * Domenico Riccio, Italian painter * Domenico Rosselli, Italian sculptor * Domenico Rossi, several * Domenico Savino, Italian conductor * Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer * Domenico Starnone, Italian writer * Domenico Tedesco, Italian-German football manager * Domenico Tintoretto, Italian painter * Domenico Trezzini, Swiss-Italian architect * Domenico Maria Viani, Italian painter * Domenico Zampaglione, Italian footballer

"Domenico" as a surname

* Daniel D. Domenico, American federal district judge * Di Domenico brothers, Italian film directors


*Domenico (company)

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