GM or Gm may refer to:


* General Motors, US automobile manufacturing company which was founded in 1908 * Motors Liquidation Company, the US automobile manufacturing company known as General Motors Corporation from 1916 to 2009 * General Mills, US food manufacturing company * Gunn & Moore, UK sports equipment company

Sports and gaming

* RGM-79 GM, a mobile suit series in the video game ''Mobile Suit Gundam'' * Gamemaster or game master, a person officiating in a multiplayer role-playing game * Grandmaster (chess) * Grandmaster (martial arts) * ''G.M. The Independent Fantasy Roleplaying Magazine''


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*The Gambia, by ISO 3166 code * Germany, by FIPS 10-4 country code * Greater Manchester, England

Science and measurement

* Geiger–Müller tube or G-M tube, a type of radiation detector * Genetic modification or Genetically Modified, manipulation of an organism's genome * Gigametre or gigameter (Gm), one billion metres * Silty gravel, in the Unified Soil Classification System * Standard gravitational parameter \mu=GM \ * Metacentric height, related to ship stability * Transconductance, an electronic component parameter * GM, unit of crosssection named after Maria Goeppert Mayer

Other uses

* Gm (digraph) * GM chassis or Gusenichnaya Machina, a Russian tracked vehicle chassis * General manager * General MIDI, a standardized specification for music synthesizers * Genital mutilation * George Medal, a UK, primarily civil, decoration for acts of great bravery * Gold master, a version of software to be distributed to customers, i.e. ready for release to manufacturing * Good morning (disambiguation) * Gunner's mate, a US Navy rating * G minor, chords and scale

See also

* Grace Monroe, the main protagonist in Book Three (and a minor antagonist in Book Two) of the animated anthology series ''Infinity Train'' * GM1, a ganglioside in brain biochemistry * Gram, a unit of mass, usually abbreviated "g" rather than "gm" * Grandmaster (disambiguation) * * * MG (disambiguation) * G (disambiguation) * M (disambiguation) {{disambiguation