Gottlob Frege
Young frege.jpg
Frege in c. 1879
Born8 November 1848
Died26 July 1925(1925-07-26) (aged 76)
EducationUniversity of Göttingen (PhD, 1873)
University of Jena (Dr. phil. hab., 1874)
Notable work
Begriffsschrift (1879)
The Foundations of Arithmetic (1884)
Basic Laws of Arithmetic (1893–1903)
Era19th-century philosophy
20th-century philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolAnalytic philosophy
Linguistic turn
Logical objectivism
Modern Platonism[1]
Transcendental idealism[2][3] (before 1891)
Metaphysical realism[3] (after 1891)
Indirect realism[5]
Redundancy theory of truth[6]
InstitutionsUniversity of Jena
Doctoral advisorErnst Christian Julius Schering (PhD thesis advisor)
Other academic advisorsRudolf Friedrich Alfred Clebsch
Notable studentsRudolf Carnap
Main interests
Philosophy of mathematics, mathematical logic, philosophy of language
Notable ideas