Ind or IND may refer to:


* Independent (politician), a politician not affiliated to any political party * Independent station, used within television program listings and the television industry for a station that is not affiliated with any network * Independent Subway System, a former rapid transit rail system in New York City that is now part of the New York City Subway * International Nurses Day, celebrated in early May of each year to mark the contributions nurses make to society

Science and technology

* Improvised nuclear device, theoretical illicit nuclear weapon * IND, the Index control character in the C0 and C1 control codes * Individualism Index, a measure of a person's independence from organizations or collectivity * Induced representation, in mathematics, an operation for passing from a representation of a subgroup to a representation of the group itself * Indus (constellation), a constellation in the southern sky * Investigational New Drug, an experimental drug permitted by the U.S. FDA to be transported across the U.S. state lines


* Immigration and Nationality Directorate, a former part of the Home Office, a department of the United Kingdom government * Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Netherlands), the organization that handles the admission of foreigners in the Netherlands * Independent News Distributors, a defunct comics and magazine distributor * Institute of Notre Dame, a high school in Baltimore, Maryland * Interplanetary Network Directorate, a branch of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory that manages the agency's Deep Space Network * Iota Nu Delta, the first South Asian interest college fraternity

Locations and languages

* India, a country in South Asia * Indiana, a state in the United States of America (archaic: 2-letter abbreviation "IN" is now preferred to avoid confusion with India or Indianapolis) * Indianapolis, a city in the U.S. state Indiana (also abbreviated as "Indy") ** Indianapolis (Amtrak station), a railway station located in the city ** Indianapolis International Airport, the IATA abbreviation code for an airport located in the city ** Scoreboard and/or statistics line abbreviation for sports franchises located in Indianapolis: *** Indiana Fever, the city's Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) team *** Indiana Pacers, the city's National Basketball Association (NBA) team *** Indianapolis Colts, the city's National Football League (NFL) team *** Indianapolis Indians, the city's International League (IL) baseball team *** Indy Eleven, the city's United Soccer League (USL) team *** Indy Fuel, the city's ECHL hockey team * Indonesian language, the official language of Indonesia {{Disambiguation