JR, J. R. or Jr. may refer to: * Jr. or Junior (suffix), a name suffix

Arts and entertainment

* ''J.R.'' (album), an album by Jim Bob * ''J R'', a 1975 novel written by William Gaddis * "Jr.", a song by Codeine on the album ''Barely Real'' * J. R. Ewing, a television character from ''Dallas'' * JR Chandler, aka Adam Chandler Jr, a television character from ''All My Children'' * ''Jornal da Record'', a Brazilian news program on RecordTV

Businesses and organizations

* Aero California, defunct Mexican airline by IATA code * Japan Railways Group or the JR Group, the main operators of the Japanese railway network * Jember railway station * John Radcliffe Hospital * Joy Air, Chinese airline by IATA code


In arts and entertainment

* JR (artist) (born 1983), French artist * J.R. (musician) (born 1979), CMR singer * ''J. R.'' a pen-name of writer John Ruskin * ''Jr.'', stage name of Park Jin-young, South Korean singer * Jim Ross (born 1952), professional wrestling commentator * JR (singer) (born 1995), stage name of Kim Jong-hyun, South Korean singer and member of NU'EST

In sport

* J. R. Bremer (born 1980), American-born naturalized Bosnian basketball player * J. R. Redmond (born 1977), former NFL player for the New England Patriots * J. R. Smith (born 1985), NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers * Jeremy Roenick (born 1970), professional ice hockey player

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