is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Shikoku. Kōchi Prefecture has a population of 757,914 (1 December 2011) and has a geographic area of 7,103 km² (2,742 sq mi). Kōchi Prefecture borders Ehime Prefecture to the northwest and Tokushima Prefecture to the northeast. Kōchi is the capital and largest city of Kōchi Prefecture, with other major cities including Nankoku, Shimanto, and Kōnan. Kōchi Prefecture is located on Japan's Pacific coast surrounding a large bay in the south of Shikoku, with the southernmost point of the island located at Cape Ashizuri in Tosashimizu. Kōchi Prefecture is home to Kōchi Castle, considered the most intact Japanese castle, and the Shimanto River, one of the few undammed rivers in Japan.


Kōchi Prefecture was historically known as Tosa Province and was controlled by the Chōsokabe clan in the Sengoku period and the Yamauchi clan during the Edo period. Kōchi city is also the birthplace of noted revolutionary Sakamoto Ryōma, who became one of the main instigators of the Meiji Restoration.


Kōchi Prefecture comprises the southwestern part of the island of Shikoku, facing the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by Ehime to the north-west and Tokushima to the north-east. It is the largest but least populous of Shikoku's four prefectures. Most of the province is mountainous, and in only a few areas such as around Kōchi and Nakamura is there a coastal plain. Kōchi is famous for its many rivers. Inamura-yama in Tosa-cho is the highest peak in Kōchi prefecture with an altitude of 1,506 meters above sea level. As of April 1, 2012, 7% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park; Ishizuchi, Muroto-Anan Kaigan, and Tsurugisan Quasi-National Parks; and eighteen Prefectural Natural Parks.


Eleven cities are located in Kōchi Prefecture: *Aki *Kami *Kōchi (capital) *Kōnan *Muroto *Nankoku *Shimanto *Sukumo *Susaki *Tosa *Tosashimizu File:Kochi Japan.jpg|Kōchi City File:Okouzyou02.jpg|Nankoku City File:SHIMANTO CITY.jpg|Shimanto City File:Susaki city view.jpg|Susaki City File:手結漁港 - panoramio.jpg|Kōnan City File:Sukumo-Station-square-rotary.jpg|Sukumo City

Towns and villages

These are the towns and villages in each district: *Agawa District **Ino **Niyodogawa *Aki District **Geisei **Kitagawa **Nahari **Tano **Tōyō **Umaji **Yasuda *Hata District **Kuroshio **Mihara **Ōtsuki *Nagaoka District **Motoyama **Ōtoyo *Takaoka District **Hidaka **Nakatosa **Ochi **Sakawa **Shimanto **Tsuno **Yusuhara *Tosa District **Ōkawa **Tosa File:いの町新町付近 - panoramio.jpg|Ino Town File:くろ鉄奈半利駅からの眺め・南向き - panoramio.jpg|Nahari Town File:Irino no Matsubara, enkei.jpg|Kuroshio Town File:土佐あかうしの放牧.jpg|Motoyama Town File:Yokokurayama07.jpg|Ochi Town



thumb|right|Cape of Muroto * Kōchi Castle, one of only 12 original castles left in Japan * Okō Castle, Chōsokabe clan`s prime castle ruins now Kōchi Prefectural Museum of History is on site. * Katsurahama * Ryugado Cave, one of Japan's top three caves * Shimanto River, the only undammed river in Japan * Godaisan * Anpanman Museum


The 2013 movie Hospitality Department (Kencho Omotenashi Ka) is set in Kōchi. The film shows views of Kōchi Prefecture. The 2009 movie ''The Harimaya Bridge'' starring Danny Glover was set in Kochi.



Like most areas of Japan, Kōchi advertises itself as specialising in a major food item, in this case, katsuo no tataki. Katsuo no tataki is skipjack tuna or bonito, lightly seared. Traditionally this is done over the straw generated as a by-product of the rice harvest. Sawachi is a term which refers to "a style of meal" in Kochi prefecture, according to Kochi-City Tourism Association. It says that the characteristic of the style of eating is "its freeness in the arrangement of food on a large dish" People eat Sawachi in the situation of "Enkai" which refers to a gathering of family, friends and relatives. They surround "Sawachi", feasts on large dishes, and take own portions by themselves. The style represents the cultural climate of Kochi prefecture which hates formal arrangements and respect freedom.

Festival and events

;Festival *Yosakoi Festival - Yosakoi (よさこい) is a unique style of dance that originated in Japan and that is performed at festivals and events all over the country.


The sports teams listed below are based in Kōchi. ;Baseball *Kōchi Fighting Dogs ;Football *Kōchi United SC

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*Tosa Domain *高知県



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