Karl may refer to:


* Karl (given name), including a list of people and characters with the name * Karl der Große, commonly known in English as Charlemagne * Karl of Austria, last Austrian Emperor

In myth

* Karl (mythology), in Norse mythology, a son of Rig and considered the progenitor of peasants (churl) * ''Karl'', giant in Icelandic myth, associated with Drangey island


* Opel Karl, a car * ST ''Karl'', Swedish tugboat requisitioned during the Second World War as ST ''Empire Henchman''

Other uses

* Karl, Germany, municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany * ''Karl-Gerät'', AKA Mörser Karl, 600mm German mortar used in the Second World War * KARL project, an open source knowledge management system * Korean Amateur Radio League, a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in South Korea * KARL, a radio station in Minnesota

See also

* Carl (disambiguation) * Carle, a name * Karle (disambiguation) * Carll S. Burr, Jr. (1858–1936), New York politician * Carol (disambiguation) * Churl (also churl, ceorl, carl), freeman peasant in the Scandinavian caste system * John L. Karle (1894–1953), New York politician * Karl-Heinz *Karlo (name) {{disambiguation|hndis