Monad may refer to:


* Monad (philosophy), a term meaning "unit", used by philosophers to signify a variety of entities, originally the God and later such things as genus **Monism, the concept of "one essence" in the metaphysical and theological theory ** Monad (Gnosticism), the most primal aspect of God in Gnosticism * ''The Cup or Monad'', a text in the ''Corpus Hermetica'' * ''Great Monad'', an older name for the Taijitu symbol * ''Monadologia Physica'', by Immanuel Kant * ''Monadology'', by Gottfried Leibniz (a basic unit of perceptual reality) * The Hieroglyphic Monad, or Monas Hieroglyphica, a symbol designed by John Dee

Mathematics, science and technology

* Monad (category theory), a construction in category theory * Monad (functional programming), functional programming constructs that capture various notions of computation * Monad (linear algebra), a 3-term complex * Monad (nonstandard analysis), the set of points infinitesimally close to a given point * Monad shell, code name for the PowerShell command line interface for Microsoft Windows * Monad (biology), a historical term for a simple unicellular organism

Fictional entities

* Monads, megastructures in the Robert Silverberg novel ''The World Inside'' (1971) * Monad Proxy, a character in the anime series ''Ergo Proxy'' (2006) * John Monad, the title character of the television series ''John from Cincinnati'' (2007) * Monad/Monado, a sword in the videogame ''Xenoblade Chronicles'' (2010)


* Monad (music), a single note or pitch * "Monad's Anthem", a track of Cat Stevens' 1975 album ''Numbers''

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