Okara (Punjabi, Urdu: اوکاڑا‎), is the capital city of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[3] The name Okara is derived from Okaan, the name of a type of tree.[4] It is the 25th largest city of Pakistan by population.[5] The city is located southwest of the city of Lahore and Faisalabad is 100 km by passing away Ravi River. It is known for its agriculture-based economy and cotton mills. The nearest major city to Okara is Sahiwal, formerly known as Montgomery. Kasur is also located in the east of the city. Pakistan military dairy farms, known for their cheese, are situated in Okara. Pul Dhool near Abdulla Sugar Mill is a town in the Okara district. Pul Dhool is on Hujra Chunian road. From Hujra Shah Muqeem 9KM and from Chunian 17KM.These farms were established before the creation of Pakistan in 1947.


The climate of Okara is usually warm and dry. The coldest months are December to February, when temperatures may drop to 3 °C (37 °F), with moderate rainfall. The hottest months are May to July, when temperatures may reach 45 °C (113 °F). The annual average rainfall in the city is approximately 509 millimetres (20.0 in).


Okara is a relatively new agricultural city; during the period of British rule there was a forest of Okaan where the city has been re-built, and from this the name of the city was derived.[4] During British rule, the area was part of Montgomery District and contained a large saltpeter refinery.[6] There are many textile mills in Okara. The predominantly Muslim population supported the Muslim League and the Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the Muslim refugees settled in the Okara District. In 1982, the city became the headquarters of the newly created Okara District. Okara has had a railway line since 1892.[4]

Okara is known for its cattle breed known as Sahiwal and a water buffalo breed known as Niliravi. It is very rich in livestock population and production. Livestock Production Research Institute Bahadar Nagar Farm is a very large government farm near Okara. The farm has many cows, buffalo, bulls (for reproduction), goats and sheep.


The majority of the population of Okara are Punjabi-speaking Muslims. The main tribes and clans include: Lashari, Rajpoot, Sial, Jats, Shaikhs, Lodhis, Kharals, Kamyanas, Wattus, Kambohs, Noons, Bhutta, Jakkhar, and Khanzadas.[citation needed]


The city of Okara serves as district and tehsil capital and is itself administratively subdivided into ten Union councils.[3]


The city of Okara is Pakistan's largest producer of maize, potato and dairy products.[7]



  • Noble Education Kids School, Okara
  • Falcon Public High School, Okara
  • Al-Huda Educational complex High school Lasharian, Okara
  • Tooba (2) school of science education kohla, Okara
  • Iqbal Educational Complex
  • Ashfaq Educational School
  • M.S. Scholar’s High School Okara
  • Suffa Educational Complex
  • Government High School 32/2-R-A okara
  • Government MC Model High School
  • Government Commerce College Okara
  • Government Islamia High School (City Campus)
  • Government Islamia High School (New Campus)
  • Government CMR High School
  • Government Sutlej High School
  • Government High School 31/2-L Okara
  • Government Girls High School 31/2-L Okara
  • Government Primary School 29-30/2-L Okara
  • Government High School 48/3R Okara
  • Government High School Chak NO.37/4-L Jhakhraan waala
  • Government MC High School Ladies Park Okara
  • Government Junior Model Girls High School Okara
  • The House of Knowledge School System, Chaudhary Colony Faisalabad Road, Okara City
  • Christ Church School, Church Road, Okara City
  • Holy Family Convent Girls' Middle School, G.T. Road, Okara
  • Govt Boys High School 52/2.L Okara
  • Govt Girls Higher Secondary School 52/2.L Okara
  • Convent High School Chak No.6/4-L Okara
  • Convent High School Chak No.10/4-L Okara
  • Allied School Okara
  • Become House School System Okara Campus
  • The City School Okara Campus
  • Hassan Middle School Okara


  • Cadet College Okara
  • Concordia College Okara
  • DPS College Okara
  • Falcon Public School Okara
  • Professional College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okara
  • Government Degree College Okara
  • Punjab College Okara
  • Suffa Educational Complex School and College Okara
  • Superior College Okara
  • Uni Tech Institute of Management Sciences (UCMT) Karmawala Town Okara
  • Vocational Training Institute Okara


  • The University of Okara is located in Okara. It has two campuses; one is located inside the city near Samadpura and the other one is located on the highway to Lahore.
  • University of Agriculture is also setting down its campus in Okara. This campus is also located on the highway to Lahore.


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