Plague or The Plague may refer to:

Agriculture, fauna, and medicine

*Plague (disease), a disease caused by ''Yersinia pestis'' * An epidemic of infectious disease (medical or agricultural) * A pandemic caused by such a disease * A swarm of pest insects such as locusts ** A massive attack of other pests afflicting agriculture ** Overpopulation in wild animals afflicting the environment and/or agriculture * Plague, collective noun for common grackles

Historical plagues

* List of epidemics * Antonine Plague, an ancient pandemic in 165–189 CE brought to the Roman Empire by troops returning from campaigns in the Near East * Black Death, the Eurasian pandemic beginning in the 14th century * Great Northern War plague outbreak, a European outbreak in the early 18th century * Great Plague of London, a massive outbreak in England that killed an estimated 20% of London's population in 1665–1666 * Plague of Athens, a devastating epidemic which hit Athens in ancient Greece in 430 BCE * Plague of Justinian, a pandemic in 541–542 CE in the Byzantine Empire * Plague Riot, a riot in Moscow in 1771 caused by an outbreak of bubonic plague

Modern plagues

* Third plague pandemic or Third Plague, a major plague pandemic that began in China in 1855 until 1960 ** Manchurian plague (1910–11): Part of the third plague pandemic * HIV/AIDS, originally referred to as the "gay plague" when it was discovered in the 1980s (see History of HIV/AIDS)

Art, media, and entertainment


* ''Plague'' (painting), by Arnold Böcklin

Fictional entities

*Plague, Lisbeth Salander's hacker friend and colleague in the Hacker Republic, e.g., see ''The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest#Trial'' * The Plague (G.I. Joe), a Cobra special forces team in the comic book ''G.I. Joe: America's Elite'' * The Plague, a duo of demonic assassins in the movie ''Hobo with a Shotgun''

Films and television

* ''Plague'' (1979 film), a science-fiction film * ''The Plague'' (1992 film), a drama film * ''The Plague'' (2006 film), a horror film * ''Plague'' (2014 film), an Australian horror film * ''La peste'' (TV series), Spanish historical drama series broadcast in the UK as ''The Plague''


* Corrupted Blood incident, a virtual plague that occurred in the video game ''World of Warcraft'' * ''Plague Inc.'', a strategy game for smartphones and tablets by Ndemic Creations * ''Plague!'', a card game about the Black Plague in England *Plague of Shadows (Plague Knight), a character and DLC gamemode for Shovel Knight


* ''Plague'', a 2000 young adult novel by Malcolm Rose * ''Plague'', a 1977 thriller novel by Graham Masterton * ''Plague 99'', a novel by Jean Ure * ''The Plague'', a novel by Albert Camus * "The Plague" (''Dragon Prince''), an epidemic which affects both humans and dragons in Melanie Rawn's novel * ''The Plague'' (magazine), New York University's comedy magazine



* The Plague (American band), a hardcore punk band from Cleveland * The Plague (English band), a punk rock band * The Plague (New Zealand band), a theatrical punk/art rock band


* ''Plague'' (Klinik album) * ''Plagues'' (album), by The Devil Wears Prada * ''The Plague'', by Demon * ''The Plague'' (Brotha Lynch Hung album)


* ''The Plague'' (Nuclear Assault EP) * ''The Plague'' (I Hate Sally EP)


* "Plague", by Crystal Castles from the 2012 album III * "The Plague", by Demon from the 1983 album by the same name * "The Plague," an unreleased song by The Mountain Goats that appears on the 2020 live album ''The Jordan Lake Sessions''


* ''Plague! The Musical'', by David Massingham and Matthew Townend


* "Plague" (2003 ''Dead Zone'' episode) * "Plague" (2004 ''Deadwood'' episode) * "The Plague" (1994 ''Diagnosis: Murder'' episode) * "The Plague", second episode of the 1966 ''Doctor Who'' serial ''The Ark'' * "The Plague" (1996 ''Father Ted'' episode) * ''The Plague'', English title of 2018 Spanish TV series ''La peste''


* Plagues of Egypt, the 10 calamities that God inflicted on Egypt in the book of Exodus *The seven plagues poured out from seven bowls in Revelation 15:5-16:21


* Capacitor plague, a condition afflicting computer motherboards in which capacitors fail

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