is a railway station in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan served by both the Tokushima Line and the Kōtoku Line. It is operated by JR Shikoku and has two station numbers: "B01" for the Tokushima Line and "T01" for the Kōtoku Line.


On the Tokushima Line, the station is considered the official terminus and is located 67.5 km from the beginning of the line at . Both the local and limited express services of the Tokushima Line run on to but this latter station is not considered part of the line and it does not bear a station number with the "B" prefix. On the Kōtoku Line, the station is 73.1 km from the beginning of the line at Takamatsu. Only trains from the local services of the Tokushima and Kōtoku Lines stop at Sako. In addition, although is the official start point of the Naruto Line, many of the trains of its local service begin and end at . These trains also stop at Sako.


The station consists of an island platform serving 2 elevated tracks. A waiting area, kiosk and a JR ticket window (without a ''Midori no Madoguchi'' facility) located on the 1st level of the station. Steps and an elevator provide access to the island platform at the second level. Parking for bicycles is available under the elevated tracks. File:JRShikoku-Sako-station-platform-20100803.jpg|A view of the island platform looking in the direction of .

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The station was opened Japanese Government Railways (JGR) on 20 March 1935 as an added station on the existing Tokushima Line (later the Tokushima Main Line). With the privatization of Japanese National Railways (JNR), the successor of JGR, on 1 April 1987, the station came under the control of JR Shikoku. On 1 June 1988, the line was renamed the Tokushima Line and Sako was designated as the official terminus.

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