The , commonly known as , is the smallest of the seven constituent companies of the Japan Railways Group (JR Group). It operates intercity and local rail services in the four prefectures on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The company has its headquarters in Takamatsu, Kagawa.Company Information
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JR Shikoku operates a railway system of 855.2 km. In 1988 JR Shikoku, unlike other JR companies, discontinued the classification of its rail lines as either main, secondary, or branch lines. Prior to the change, the Dosan, Kōtoku, Tokushima, and Yosan Lines had all been mainlines. Each line is color-coded and labeled with a letter, in conjunction with which a number is assigned to each station on the line. For example, Naruto Station on the Naruto Line (labeled N) is numbered N10. Although this method is now widely used by rail companies, especially metro systems in Japan, JR Shikoku was the first JR company to adopt it.

Train services

JR Shikoku provides intercity transportation with its limited express services, connecting major cities on the island of Shikoku with Okayama on Honshū. The company also operates local trains. File:JR shikoku kiha185 blue uzushio 1989.jpg|185 series DMU used for limited express services File:JR-Shikoku-N2000.jpg|2000 series DMU used for limited express services File:JR Shikoku 5100gata.jpg|5000 series EMU used for ''Marine Liner'' rapid services File:Takamatsu Station Train M3766.jpg|8000 series EMU used for limited express services


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