The Someșul Mic (Little Someș, Hungarian: Kis-Szamos) is a river in north-western Romania (Cluj County). At its confluence with the Someșul Mare in Dej, the Someș is formed.[1][2] Its total length is 178 km (111 mi), and its drainage basin area is 3,773 km2 (1,457 sq mi).[2][3] It is formed at the confluence of two headwaters, Someșul Cald ("Warm Someș") and Someșul Rece ("Cold Someș"), that come from the Apuseni Mountains. From the confluence, in Gilău, the Someșul Mic flows east and north through Cluj-Napoca, Apahida and Gherla, until it meets the Someșul Mare in Dej.