Sorrow may refer to: * Sorrow (emotion) * ''Sorrow'' (Van Gogh), an 1882 drawing by Vincent van Gogh * "Sorrow" (Bad Religion song), 2001 * "Sorrow" (The McCoys song), also covered by The Merseys and David Bowie * "Sorrow" (Pink Floyd song), 1987 * "Sorrow", a song by Box Car Racer from ''Box Car Racer'' (2002) * "Sorrow", a song by the National from ''High Violet'' (2010) * The Sorrow, an Austrian metalcore/melodic death band ** ''The Sorrow'' (album), a 2010 album by The Sorrow * The Sorrows, a 1960s English freakbeat band * The Sorrow (Metal Gear), a fictional character in the ''Metal Gear'' video game series {{disambiguation