Spindle may refer to:

Textiles and manufacturing

* Spindle (textiles), a straight spike to spin fibers into yarn * Spindle (tool), a rotating axis of a machine tool


* Spindle apparatus or mitotic spindle, a cellular structure in cell biology * Muscle spindle, stretch receptors within the body of a muscle * Spindle neuron, a specific class of neuron * Sleep spindle, bursts of neural oscillatory activity during sleep * Spindle transfer, an ''in vitro'' fertilization the technique * Spindle, common name of some species of shrubs and trees in genus ''Euonymus''


* Spindle (hard disk drive), the axis of a hard disk drive * Spindle (disc packaging), a plastic case for bulk optical disks


* Spindle (automobile), a part of a car's suspension system * Spindle (vehicle), an autonomous ice-penetrating vehicle

Other uses

* Spindle (furniture), cylindrically symmetric shaft, usually made of wood * ''Spindle'' (sculpture), a 1989 sculpture by Dustin Shuler made from cars * Spindle (stationery), an upright spike used to hold papers * Spindle, part of a door handle

See also

* Fusiform, having a spindle-like shape * Rotation around a fixed axis * Spindel, a surname * Spindler, a surname * Spindling, in computing * The Spindles (disambiguation) {{disambiguation