Starter may refer to:

Science and technology

* Starter motors, used to start internal-combustion engines * Motor starters, a motor controller used to start large electric motors * Lamp starter, used to initiate operation of fluorescent lights

Food and meals

* Bread starter or "sponge", a fermented mixture used in baking sourdough * Fermentation starter, preparations to assist the beginning of fermentation * Entrée and Hors d'œuvre, a course before the main course of a meal


* Starting pistol, in athletics competitions * A player in the starting lineup * A starting pitcher in baseball * In horse racing, the person who operates the starting barrier mechanism to begin a horse race

Other uses

* Starter (clothing line), a clothing brand that was popular in the 1990s * Starter packs, a trading card games deck containing enough cards to play a full game self-sufficiently * Jan Janszoon Starter (1593–1626), poet from the Northern Netherlands

See also

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