Status (Latin plural: ''statūs''), is a state, condition, or situation, and may refer to: * Status (law) ** City status ** Legal status, in law ** Political status, in international law ** Small entity status, in patent law ** Status conference ** Status crime * Marital status * Observer status, in international organizations * Senior status * Social status, in sociology ** Achieved status ** Ascribed status ** Master status ** Socioeconomic status ** Sociometric status ** Status attainment ** Status offense ** Status shift * Status brand, in marketing * Status constructus, a noun form * Status match, in Frequent-flyer in loyalty programs * Status quo * Status symbol

Arts, entertainment, and media

* ''Status'', a magazine edited by Igor Cassini * Recurring status, in acting * Status effect, in gaming


* Exit status, in computer science * Process states (Process Status) * Status bar, in user interface design * Status message (instant messaging) * Status register, in computer science * Status (messenger) - http://status.im


* Oratory status, in churches * Status of religious freedom by country

Science and healthcare

* Abundance (ecology) of taxa or biota * Conservation status of a species * HIV test (HIV Status) * Performance status, in medicine


* HTC Status, or HTC ChaCha, Android smartphone by HTC * Status tones, in telecommunication

See also

* * * Condition (disambiguation) * Situation (disambiguation) * State (disambiguation) {{disambig