Straight may refer to: * Straight (poker), a type of poker hand * Straight, or straights, used to describe individuals with mainstream points of view and appearance * Straight, slang for heterosexual * Straight, an alternative name for the cross (boxing), a type of punch in boxing * ''Straight'', the second autobiography by British artist Boy George * Straight, a member of the straight edge subculture * Straight, Oklahoma, an unincorporated community in Texas County, Oklahoma * Straight Records, a record label formed in 1969 * Straight, Incorporated, a now-defunct U.S. drug rehabilitation program for adolescents * Straight whiskey, pure whiskey distilled at no higher than 80% alcohol content that has been aged at least two years * Straightedge, a drawing or cutting tool * Straight-acting, an LGBT person who does not exhibit the appearance or mannerisms of the gay stereotype * Straight (racing), a section of a race track * Straight (surname) * ''Straight'' (Tobias Regner album), the first album by German singer Tobias Regner * ''Straight'' (2007 film), a German film by Nicolas Flessa * ''Straight'' (2009 film), a Bollywood film starring Vinay Pathak * Straight man, a stock character * Straight line, having zero curvature * "Straight", a song by T-Pain on the 2017 ''Oblivion'' (T-Pain album) * ''The Georgia Straight'' (straight.com), a Canadian weekly newspaper published in Vancouver, British Columbia

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