Sykes may refer to:


* Sir Alan Sykes, 1st Baronet, businessman and British politician * Annette Sykes, New Zealand human rights lawyer and Māori activist * Bob Sykes (American football), American football player * Bob Sykes (baseball), American baseball pitcher * Bob Sykes (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player * Bryan Sykes, British academic and geneticist * Christopher Sykes (author), British author * Christopher Sykes (MP), British politician * Diane S. Sykes, judge on the United States Court of Appeals * Edmund Sykes, Catholic martyr * Eric Sykes, comedic writer and actor * Eric A. Sykes, developer of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife * Ernest Sykes (VC), recipient of the Victoria Cross * Ernest Ruthven Sykes (1867–1954), malacologist from Great Britain * Eugene Octave Sykes * Frederick Henry Sykes (1863–1917), Canadian-American educator and college president * Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes, British military officer and politician * George Sykes, U.S. Army general * Gresham Sykes (born 1922), American sociologist and criminologist * Homer Sykes, Canadian-born British photographer * Congressman James Sykes (delegate), lawyer and American politician * Governor James Sykes (governor), physician and American politician * Rod Sykes, Canadian politician * John Sykes, rock musician * John Sykes (UK politician), British politician * John H Sykes Tampa Bay area businessman and founder of Sykes inc. * Keifer Sykes (born 1993), American basketball player * Sir Mark Sykes, British politician and diplomatic advisor * Melanie Sykes (born 1970), English television and radio presenter, and model * Norman Sykes (1936–2009), English footballer * Oliver Sykes, front-man of Bring Me the Horizon * Paul Sykes (boxer) (1946–2007), English heavyweight boxer of the 1970s and 1980s * Paul Sykes (businessman) (born 1943), English Eurosceptic businessman, and political donor * Paul Sykes (rugby league) (born 1981), rugby league footballer of the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s * Paul Sykes (singer), American folksinger of the 1960s * Sir Percy Sykes, British soldier, geographer and travel writer * Peter Sykes (director) (1939–2006), Australian/British film director * Peter Sykes (chemist) (1923–2003), British chemist * Sir Richard Sykes (rector), businessman and university rector * Sir Richard Sykes (diplomat), diplomat assassinated in 1979 * Richard Sykes (Rugby player), Rugby player and Dakota landowner * Stephen Sykes, ecclesiologist * Sykes family of Sledmere * Thomas A. Sykes, African-American legislator during Reconstruction * Thomas Hardcastle Sykes, businessman * Timothy Sykes (born 1981), penny stock trader * Tom Sykes, British motorcycle racer * Wanda Sykes, comedian and actress * Colonel William Henry Sykes, military officer, politician, and ornithologist


* Sykes Bleaching Company * Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, a family of global companies delivering business process outsourcing services


* Bill Sykes, antagonist from the animated Disney film ''Oliver & Company'' *Fredrick Sykes, one of the main antagonists of the 1993 action film ''The Fugitive'' * Mr. Sykes, a character from the film ''Shark Tale'', voiced by Martin Scorsese * Sgt. Michael "Psycho" Sykes, the main character in the game ''Crysis Warhead'', and a secondary character in ''Crysis'' *Reverend Sykes, a character from Harper Lee's novel ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' * Robert "Pliers" Sykes, character in the game ''Wing Commander IV''


* Sykes, Lancashire, England * Sykesville, Maryland, USA * Forward Operating Base Sykes, a U.S. military base in Iraq * Sykes Camp, a campground in California


* 4438 Sykes, an asteroid * Sykes (dog), a dog actor from Clifton, Oxfordshire, England * Sykes (TV series), a British sitcom that aired on BBC 1 from 1972 to 1979 * Sykes Baronets, four separate baronetcies of Great Britain or the United Kingdom

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