Tatra may refer to: * Tatra Mountains, a mountain range, part of the Carpathian Mountains, between Slovakia and Poland * Tatra (company), a car and truck manufacturer from the Czech Republic * Tatra County (''powiat tatrzański''), an administrative division of Poland in the region of the Tatra Mountains * Tatra National Park, Poland, a National Park * Tatra National Park, Slovakia, one of the nine national parks in Slovakia * ČKD Tatra, a producer of trams from the Czech Republic * Tatra Guitar, musical instrument made by Czech national instrument makers in the communist era * Tatra (milk), a Czech milk produced by the Mlékárna Hlinsko * Tatra (beer), a Polish beer produced by the Żywiec Brewery * "Tatra Tiger", the nickname for the economy of Slovakia during its high growth period since 1998 * Tatra, Estonia, a village in Kambja Parish, Tartu County, Estonia * Tatra River in Estonia * Tátra class destroyer, a torpedo boat class of the Austro-Hungarian Navy * Tatra Pine Vole, a species of vole * Tatra father of Grod, ruler of the Crimean Huns after Ernakh. * FK Tatra Kisač, Slovak minority club based in Kisač, Serbia

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