The Tatra 700 was a rear-engined
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released in 1996 by the Czech car maker Tatra. It was essentially a heavily restyled version of the
Tatra 613
Tatra 613
model it replaced. It is one of the last production cars with air-cooled engine. The T700 was offered as a 4-door sedan (car), saloon with a 3.5-litre 90° air-cooled V8 engine, V8 petrol engine. Later Tatra 700-2 version had a 4.3-litre engine, reaching , with a curb weight increased to . A version called T700 GT was also listed, although this may have remained a one-off. This model also had a 4.4-litre V8 but has a shorter height and length and is lighter, with a top speed of . The model was not successful, nor produced in large numbers, and production was halted in July 1999. Only 75 of these cars were ever built. The Tatra 700 was the last passenger car made by Tatra (company), Tatra, although it continued to build commercial vehicles.


* motor: Tatra 700, air-cooled V8 * displacement: 3495 cc (3.5L), or 4360 cc (4.4L) * max. power : at 5750 rpm, or * max. torque : , or * top speed: , or * 0–100 km/h (0-62 mph): 10.8 s, or less than 5 s (T700 GT)


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