Thutmose (also rendered Thutmoses, Thutmosis, Tuthmose, Tutmosis, Thothmes, Tuthmosis, Djhutmose, etc.) is an Anglicization of the Egyptian name ''dhwty-ms'', usually translated as "Born of the god Thoth". It may refer to several individuals from the 18th Dynasty: *Thutmose I (16th-century–c. 1490 BC), third pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty *Thutmose II (fl. 1493–1479 BC), fourth pharaoh *Thutmose III (fl. 1479–1425 BC), sixth pharaoh *Thutmose IV (died 14th-century BC), eighth pharaoh * Thutmose (18th-dynasty vizier), Vizier during the reign of Thutmose IV * Crown Prince Thutmose, the elder brother of Pharaoh Akhenaten * Thutmose (sculptor) (fl. 1350 BC), Akhenaten's court sculptor at Amarna, to whom is attributed the famous Berlin bust of Nefertiti * Thutmose (19th-dynasty vizier), Vizier during the latter part of the reign of Ramesses II during the 19th dynasty * Tuthmose (Viceroy of Kush), the Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Akhenaten Category:Theophoric names {{onomastics-stub