Tiachiv (Ukrainian: Тячів, Rusyn: Тячово) is a city located on the Tisza River in Zakarpattia Oblast (region) in western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Tiachiv Raion (district).


There are several alternative names used for this city: Rusyn: Тячево, German: Groß-Teutschenau, Hungarian: Técső, Romanian: Teceu Mare, Slovak: Tyachovo, Russian: Тячев.


In the year 1211 the town was mentioned the first time as Tecu. Later, in 1333 as Thecho, in 1334 Teucev, in 1335 Theuchev[1]. The town was founded by Saxon and Hungarian colonists in the second half of 13 century. Until 1920, as part of Máramaros County it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. In 1939, following the annexation of the whole of Carpathian Ruthenia, the city became again part of Hungary until the end of World War II.


2001 census

  Ukrainians (83.2%)
  Hungarians (12.4%)
  Romanians (2.9%)
  Russians (1.0%)
  Other (0.5%)

In 2001, the population of Tiachiv region included mainly Ukrainians (83.2%), followed by Hungarians (12.2%). There were 2.9% Romanians and 1.0% Russians. The remaining people made up 0.5% of the population.[2] Today, the population is 8,972 (2020 est.)[3].


The climate in Tiachiv is a mild/cool summer subtype (Köppen: Dfb) of the humid continental climate.

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