is a railway station in Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, operated by JR Shikoku.


The station is served by the following JR Shikoku lines: *Dosan Line - as station number "D21", from the start of the line at ("D12"). *Tokushima Line - as station number "B24", from the start of the line at ("B01"). On 18 July 1962, Tsukuda was designated the official end of the Tokushima Line but trains continue to run on the Dosan track to the next station at . Only local trains from both lines stop at the station.


The station consists of an island platform serving two tracks. A small building on the side of the access road serves as a waiting room. An overhead footbridge gives access to the island platform which has a weather shelter. File:JRS tsukuda sta enclosure.jpg|View of the station platform in 2006 looking in the direction of .

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was established on 28 April 1929 as a junction between the Tokushima Line and the Sanyo Line (now Dosan Line) which had been extended southwards from . On 10 January 1950, it was upgraded as Tsukuda Station and passenger services commenced. At this time the station was operated by Japanese National Railways (JNR). With the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987, control of the station passed to JR Shikoku.

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