The Tur (Hungarian: Túr) is a tributary of the river Tisza.[1][2] Its sources are located in the Oaș Mountains in Romania. The Tur starts at the confluence of its headwaters, the Gorova and Turișor.[3] It then flows through Satu Mare County in Romania. The main town on the Tur is Turulung, The river then forms the border between Romania and Ukraine on a reach of 5.2 km, and the border between Romania and Hungary for 1.1 km. The Tur joins the Tisza river near Szatmárcseke in Hungary. Its basin size is 1,144 km2 (442 sq mi).[4]:22


The following rivers are tributaries to the river Tur:[2]


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  • Trasee turistice - județul Satu Mare [1]

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