Turkish usually refers to: * Something of, from, or related to Turkey, a country in Eurasia. Turkish may also refer to:

Former countries

* First Turkic Khaganate (552-581) * Second Turkic Khaganate (682-744) * Seljuk Empire (1037–1194) ** Seljuk Turks ** Seljuks of Rum ** Anatolian beyliks * Ottoman Empire, also known as the Turkish Empire in the west ** Ottoman Turks ** Balkan Turks


* Turkic peoples, in an historical context, which includes Turkish people ("Turks") ** Turkish people, people of Turkish descent with or without Turkish citizenship, frequently referred to as "Turks" ***Turkish citizen, a citizen of Turkey regardless of ethnicity ***Turkish minorities, people of Turkish descent who have been living outside Turkey prior to its independence *Turkish diaspora


* Old Turkic, some scholars may refer to Old Turkic as Old Turkish * Turkish language * Old Anatolian Turkish * Ottoman Turkish language


* Cypriot Turkish (modern) * Karamanli Turkish


* Turkish alphabet

Other uses

* Culture of Turkey * Turkish Airlines * Turkish music (style), a style of Western Classical music

See also

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