In archaeology, a type site is the site used to define a particular archaeological culture or other typological unit, which is often named after it. For example, discoveries at La Tène and Hallstatt led scholars to divide the European Iron Age into the La Tène culture and Hallstatt culture, named after their respective type sites. The concept is similar to type localities in geology and type specimens in biology.

Notable type sites


*a river terrace of the River Somme (Abbeville, France), of the Abbevillian culture *Aurignac (Haute Garonne, France), of the Aurignacian culture *Hallstatt (Salzkammergut, Austria), of the Hallstatt culture *La Tène, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, of the La Tène culture *Vinča, Belgrade, Serbia, of the Vinča culture *Abri de la Madeleine (Dordogne, France), of the Magdalenian culture *Le Moustier (Dordogne, France), of the Mousterian culture *Saint Acheul (near Amiens, France), of the Acheulean culture *Butmir (near Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), of the Butmir culture

Near East

*Tell Halaf, Syria, for the Halaf culture *Tell Hassuna, Iraq, for the Hassuna culture *Jemdet Nasr, Iraq, for the Jemdet Nasr period *Tell al-'Ubaid, Iraq, for the Ubaid period *Uruk, Iraq, for the Uruk period


*Uaxactun (Maya civilization, Dept.of Peten, Guatemala) *Dzibilchaltun (Maya civilization, northern Yucatan, Mexico) *Monte Alban (Zapotec civilization, Oaxaca, Mexico)

North America

*Folsom, New Mexico (Folsom Tradition), United States *Clovis, New Mexico (Clovis culture), United States: generally accepted as the type site for one of the earliest human cultures in the North America *La Plata County, Colorado (Basketmaker II period of the Anasazi culture), United States *Barton Gulch of the Blackwater Draw Paleo-Indian culture *Adena Mound (Adena culture), United States *Borax Lake Site, for two of the earliest cultural traditions in California: the Post Pattern and Borax Lake Pattern.


*New Caledonia, of the Lapita culture.

Southern Asia

*Kot Diji (pre-Harappanian civilization, Pakistan) *Harappa (Indus civilization, Punjab, northeast Pakistan)

East Asia

*Banpo (Yangshao culture, Neolithic Yangshao culture, China) *Liangzhu Town, near Hangzhou (Liangzhu culture, Neolithic, China) *Songguk-ri (Middle Mumun culture, southern Korea) *Suemura cluster of kilns--Kilns of Sue warew:ja:須恵器(Middle and Late Kofun period, Osaka, Japan) *Sanage cluster of kilns—Kilns of Green Glazed Warew:ja:緑釉陶器 and Ash Glazed Warew:ja:灰釉陶器 (Nara and Heian period, Aichi Prefecture, Japan)


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