Van Eyck or Van Eijk () is a Dutch toponymic surname. ''Eijck'', ''Eyck'', ''Eyk'' and ''Eijk'' are all archaic spellings of modern Dutch ("oak") and the surname literally translates as "from/of oak". However, in most cases, the family name refers to an origin in Maaseik. This city on the Meuse, now in Belgium on the border with the Netherlands, was originally simply known as ''Eike'' (with many spellings) and from the 13th century as Old Eyck and New Eyck. Names with a particle, like ''Van der Eijk'' are more likely to refer directly to the tree.Eijk, van den /der (y)
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Renaissance family of painters

thumb|300px|A statue in Ghent,_[[Belgium,_depicts_the_van_Eyck_brothers,_[[Hubert_van_Eyck.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Belgium.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Ghent, Ghent,_[[Belgium,_depicts_the_van_Eyck_brothers,_[[Hubert_van_Eyck">Hubert_and_Ghent,_[[Belgium,_depicts_the_van_Eyck_brothers,_[[Hubert_van_Eyck">Hubert_and_[[Jan_van_Eyck">Jan..html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Jan_van_Eyck.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Belgium">Ghent, Hubert_and_[[Jan_van_Eyck">Jan.">Jan_van_Eyck.html"_style="text-decoration:_none;"class="mw-redirect"_title="Belgium">Ghent,_[[Belgium,_depicts_the_van_Eyck_brothers,_[[Hubert_van_Eyck">Hubert_and_[[Jan_van_Eyck">Jan. The_important_[[Flemish_people.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Belgium, depicts the van Eyck brothers, [[Hubert van Eyck">Hubert and [[Jan van Eyck">Jan.">Jan_van_Eyck.html" style="text-decoration: none;"class="mw-redirect" title="Belgium">Ghent, [[Belgium, depicts the van Eyck brothers, [[Hubert van Eyck">Hubert and [[Jan van Eyck">Jan. The important [[Flemish people">Flemish family of [[Early Netherlandish painter]]s with the surname van Eyck originated in Maaseik, but ultimately established their professional domicile in [[Ghent]] and in [[Bruges]]. There they changed the traditional habits of the earlier schools, remodeled the earlier forms of Flemish design, and introduced a substantial revolution into the technical methods of execution familiar to their countrymen. These painters were responsible for many famous works of the 15th century. Family members included: Hubert van Eyck (1380s – 1426), Jan van Eyck (c.1390 – 1441), their brother Lambert van Eyck, and sister Margareta van Eyck, Jan's wife, also Margaretha (1405/06 – aft.1441), and probably Barthélemy d'Eyck (c.1420 – aft.1470) from the next generation. Jan van Eyck, active in Bruges, is probably the best known Northern European painter of the 15th century.

Other people

Van Eyck

*Aldo van Eyck (1918–1999), Dutch architect, son of Pieter Nicolaas *Casper van Eyck (1613–1674), Flemish marine painter *Jacob van Eyck (c. 1590 – 1657), Dutch musician and composer of The Flute's Garden of Delights *Jannie van Eyck-Vos (born 1936), Dutch track and field athlete *Marie-Paule Van Eyck (born 1951), Belgian fencer *Nangila van Eyck (born 1984), Dutch football striker *Nicolaas van Eyck (1617–1679), Flemish painter of landscapes, equestrian and battle scenes, civil processions and portraits *Peter van Eyck (1911–1969), German-American actor *Pieter Nicolaas van Eyck (1887–1954), Dutch poet and philosopher, father of Aldo and Robert Floris *Jan van Eyck

Van Eijk

*Anita van Eijk (born 1969), wife of Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven *Bram van Eijk (born 1996), Dutch football defender *Collin van Eijk (born 1991), Dutch football goalkeeper *Marc van Eijk (born 1981), Suriname-born Dutch footballer *Paul van Eijk (born 1986), Cook Islands footballer *Stig Van Eijk (born 1981), Norwegian singer, composer and lyricist *Willem van Eijk (born 1941), Dutch serial killer *Wim van der Eijk (born 1957), Dutch Vice-President of the European Patent Office

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*9561 van Eyck, main belt asteroid named after Jan van Eyck *Van Eyck (crater), crater on Mercury named after Jan van Eyck

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