Vladimir or Wladimir may refer to:


* Vladimir (name) for the Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovenian spellings of a Slavic name * Uladzimir for the Belarusian version of the name * Volodymyr for the Ukrainian version of the name * Włodzimierz (given name) for the Polish version of the name * Valdemar for the Germanic version of the name


* Vladimir, Russia, a city in Russia * Vladimir Oblast, a federal subject of Russia * Vladimir-Suzdal, a medieval principality * Vladimir, Ulcinj, a village in Ulcinj Municipality, Montenegro * Vladimir, Gorj, a commune in Gorj County, Romania * Vladimir, a village in Goiești Commune, Dolj County, Romania * Vladimir (river), a tributary of the Gilort in Gorj County, Romania * Volodymyr-Volynskyi, a city in Ukraine

Religious leaders

* Metropolitan Vladimir (disambiguation), multiple * Jovan Vladimir (d. 1016), ruler of Doclea and a saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church


* Vladimir Horowitz (1903–1989), a Russian American legendary classical virtuoso pianist and minor composer * Vladimir Ashkenazy (1937–), a Russian-Icelandic renowned classical pianist and conductor * Vladimir Shafranov (1946-), a Russian acclaimed jazz pianist


* Vladimir of Bulgaria (fl. 889–893), King of Bulgaria * Vladimir I of Kiev (980–1015), medieval ruler of Kievan Rus * Vladimir II Monomakh (1053–1125), Veliky Knyaz of Kievan Rus, prince of Kiev; also ruled in Rostov and Suzdal * Vladimir II Mstislavich (1132–1173), Prince of Dorogobuzh, Vladimir, and Volyn, Slutsk, Tripolye and Grand Prince of Kiev * Vladimir of Novgorod (1020–1052), Prince of Novgorod * Vladimir III Rurikovich (1187–1239), Prince of Pereyaslavl, Smolensk and Grand Prince of Kiev * Vladimir of Staritsa (1533–1569), Appanage Prince of Russia, cousin to Tsar Ivan the Terrible * Vlad II Dracul (1390–1447), Prince of Wallachia and Governor of Transylvania * Vlad III the Impaler (1431–1476), a.k.a. Dracula, Prince of Wallachia

Political and military leaders

* Vladimir the Bold (1353–1410), commander of the Muscovite armies in the 14th century * Vladimir Lenin (1870–1924), pseudonym of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution and first leader of the Soviet Union * Vladimir Putin (b. 1952), current President of the Russian Federation


* Wladimir Balentien (b. 1984), an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners * Vladimir González (b. 1978), a Colombian road cyclist * Vladimir Guerrero (b. 1976), a baseball player * Wladimir Klitschko (b. 1976), a professional boxer * Vladimir Latocha (b. 1973), a French breaststroke swimmer * Vladimir Núñez (b. 1975), a Cuban Major League Baseball relief pitcher * Vladimir Timoshinin (b. 1970), a Russian diver * Vladimir Parfyonov (b. 1970), an Uzbekistani javelin thrower * Vladimir Popov (weightlifter) (b. 1977), a Moldovan weightlifter * Vladimir Portnoi (b. 1931), a Soviet Olympic silver and bronze medalist in gymnastics * Wladimir Ribeiro (b. 1967), a Brazilian swimmer * Vladimir Orlando Cardoso de Araújo Filho (b. 1989), a Brazilian footballer * Oleg Prudius (a.k.a. Vladimir Kozlov) (b. 1972), a Ukrainian professional wrestler * Vladimir Vujovic (b. 1982), a Montenegrin footballer who played for Bhayangkara F.C.

Fictional characters

* Vladimir (Waiting for Godot), also known as Vladimir "Albert" and "Didi", a character in Samuel Beckett's ''Waiting for Godot'' * Vovochka, diminutive form of Vladimir, common character in Russian jokes * Count Dracula, a.k.a. Vlad Dracula, from Bram Stoker's 1897 ''Dracula'' * Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper, a playable champion character in the MOBA video game ''League of Legends'' * Vlad Masters from Danny Phantom the TV show from Nickelodeon'' * Vlamidir, a character from ''My Life as a Teenage Robot'' * Vladimir Makarov, character from ''Call of Duty''

Actors, writers, poets

* Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky (1938–1980), an actor, poet, bard, and writer * Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov (1899–1977), a multilingual Russian novelist


* Vladimír Havlík (b. 1959), a Czech action artist * Vladimir Kush (b. 1965), a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor

Other people

* Wladimir Köppen, creator of the Köppen climate classification


* ' Imperial Russian Navy ship

See also

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