WP or wp may refer to:


* Warsaw Pact, a disbanded organization of Central and Eastern European communist states * , the Reich Party of the German Middle Class, a political party of Weimar Germany * , the Polish Armed Forces * Workers' Party (Singapore), a political party in Singapore

Science and technology

* Watt-peak (Wp), the nominal power of a photovoltaic * Wilting point, in soil moisture determination


* Weakest precondition (''wp''), in computer science * Windows Phone, a smartphone operating system * WordPerfect, a word processor * Word processor, software used for the production of printable material * WordPress (wp.com), a content management system


* Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia * Wirtualna Polska, a Polish web portal * WordPress.com, a blog hosting provider powered by WordPress


* Indian locomotive class WP * Western Pacific Railroad (reporting mark), a former American railroad * Island Air (Hawaii) (IATA code), an airline

Other uses

* WP (Polish TV channel), a television channel owned by Wirtualna Polska Holding * White phosphorus munitions * Widening participation, in higher education * Wild pitch, in baseball * Work Programme, a UK welfare to work scheme

See also

* ''The Washington Post'' (''WaPo''), an American newspaper * * {{disambiguation