Waterloo most commonly refers to: * Battle of Waterloo, a battle on 18 June 1815 in which Napoleon met his final defeat :* Waterloo, Belgium, a municipality in Belgium from which the battle took its name *London Waterloo station, the UK's largest and busiest railway station Waterloo may also refer to:

Other places


*King George Island (South Shetland Islands), known in Russian as Ватерло́о ('Vaterloo')


*Waterloo, New South Wales *Waterloo, Queensland *Waterloo, South Australia *Waterloo Bay, now Elliston, South Australia *Waterloo, Victoria *Waterloo, Western Australia


* Waterloo, Belgium


*Waterloo, Nova Scotia *Regional Municipality of Waterloo, a region in Ontario **Waterloo, Ontario, a city **Waterloo (electoral district) **Waterloo (provincial electoral district) **Waterloo County, Ontario (1853–1973) *Waterloo, Quebec

Hong Kong

*Waterloo Road, Hong Kong, a road in Kowloon, Hong Kong

New Zealand

*Waterloo, New Zealand

Sierra Leone

*Waterloo, Sierra Leone

United Kingdom

*Waterloo, Dorset, England *Waterloo, Huddersfield, England *Waterloo, London, England *Waterloo, Merseyside, England **Waterloo (UK Parliament constituency) *Waterloo, Whixall, Shropshire, England *Waterlooville, known earlier as Waterloo, Hampshire, England *Waterloo, North Lanarkshire, Scotland *Waterloo, Perth and Kinross, Scotland *Waterloo, Caerphilly, Wales * Waterloo Bay, Northern Ireland

United States

*Waterloo, Alabama *Waterloo, California *Waterloo, Georgia *Waterloo, Illinois **Waterloo Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) *Waterloo, Indiana, in DeKalb County *Waterloo, Fayette County, Indiana *Waterloo, Johnson County, Indiana *Waterloo, Iowa *Waterloo, Kansas *Waterloo, Louisiana *Waterloo, Maryland *Waterloo (Princess Anne, Maryland), a historic home *Waterloo State Recreation Area, in Michigan *Waterloo, Clark County, Missouri, an unincorporated community *Waterloo, Lafayette County, Missouri, an unincorporated community *Waterloo, Montana *Waterloo, Nebraska *Waterloo Historic District (Warner, New Hampshire) *Waterloo, Monmouth County, New Jersey *Waterloo Village, New Jersey *Waterloo (town), New York **Waterloo (village), New York *Waterloo (Albertson, North Carolina), a historic plantation house *Waterloo, Ohio *Waterloo, Oregon *Waterloo, South Carolina *Waterloo, Texas (former name for Austin, Texas) *Waterloo, Clarke County, Virginia *Waterloo, Culpeper County, Virginia *Waterloo, Fauquier County, Virginia *Waterloo, New Kent County, Virginia *Waterloo, West Virginia *Waterloo, Grant County, Wisconsin, a town *Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, a town **Waterloo, Wisconsin, a city within the town **Waterloo Downtown Historic District (Waterloo, Wisconsin)

Arts, entertainment and media

Film and television

*''Waterloo'' (1929 film), a German silent film *''Waterloo'' (1970 film), an epic period war drama *"Waterloo" (''Mad Men''), an episode of ''Mad Men'' (season 7)


*Waterloo & Robinson, an Austrian band *Waterloo Music Company, a Canadian music publishing and musical instrument retailing firm *Waterloo Records, an independent music store in Austin, Texas *''Waterloo'' (album), by ABBA, 1974 **"Waterloo" (ABBA song) *"Waterloo" (Stonewall Jackson song), 1959 *"Waterloo", a song by IcedEarth from the 2004 album ''The Glorious Burden''

Other uses in arts and entertainment

*''Waterloo'' (video game), a 1989 strategic computer game *Waterloo (blog post), a 2010 online commentary by David Frum about the Affordable Care Act *''Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles'', a 2014 history book by Bernard Cornwell


*Waterloo Airport (disambiguation) *Waterloo station (disambiguation) *Waterloo (ship), the name of several ships **HMS ''Waterloo'', the name of several ships of the Royal Navy

Other uses

*Waterloo (horse) (foaled 1969), a British thoroughbred racehorse *Waterloo cheese, a British cheese *Waterloo Cup, an English coursing event 1836–2005 *Waterloo F.C., an English rugby union team *Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company, a former American tractor maker *Waterloo Hydrogeologic, a former software and consulting company *University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada

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*Battle of Waterloo (disambiguation) *Waterloo Bridge (disambiguation) *Waterloo Creek (disambiguation) *Waterloo High School (disambiguation) *Waterloo Historic District (disambiguation) *Waterloo Memorial (disambiguation) *Waterloo Road (disambiguation) *Waterloo Square (disambiguation) *"Waterloo Sunset", a 1967 song by The Kinks {{Disambiguation|geo