Western may refer to:


*Western, Nebraska, a village in the US *Western, New York, a town in the US *Western Creek, Tasmania, a locality in Australia *Western Junction, Tasmania, a locality in Australia *Western world, countries that identify with shared "Western" culture

Arts and entertainment


*''Western'' (1997 film), a French road movie directed by Manuel Poirier *''Western'' (2017 film), a German-Austrian film


*Western (genre), a category of fiction and visual art centered on the American Old West **Western fiction, the Western genre as featured in literature **Western music (North America), a type of American folk music


*''Westerns'' (EP), an EP by Pete Yorn


*The Western, a closed hotel/casino in Las Vegas, United States *Western Cartridge Company, a manufacturer of ammunition *Western Publishing, a defunct publishing company

Educational institutions

*Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, United States *Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, United States *Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, United States *University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada (branded as Western University since 2012) *Western University (Azerbaijan), Baku *Western High School (disambiguation)


*Denver sandwich or Western sandwich *Western omelet


*Western A.F.C., a football club from Christchurch, New Zealand * Western Mustangs, the athletic program of the University of Western Ontario (aka Western University) *Western Open, a professional golf tournament *Westerns cricket team, a cricket team in Zimbabwe


*Western (airline), an airline founded in 2006 *Western station (CTA Blue Line Congress branch) *Western station (CTA Blue Line O'Hare branch) *Western station (CTA Brown Line) *Western station (CTA Orange Line) *Western station (CTA Pink Line) *British Rail Class 52 or Westerns, a class of locomotives *Western Airlines, a defunct airline *Western Express Air, a regional airline in Bullhead City, Arizona, United States


*Matt Western (born 1962), British Member of Parliament

Other uses

*Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada *Western blot, an analytical technique to detect proteins *Of or pertaining to Western culture

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