Yes or YES may refer to: * An affirmative particle in the English language; see yes and no


* YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, Texas, US * YES (Your Extraordinary Saturday), a learning program from the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth * Young Eisner Scholars, in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Appalachia, US * Young Epidemiology Scholars, US


* yes (Unix), command to output "y" or a string repeatedly * Philips :YES, a 1985 home computer * Yes! Roadster, a German sports car


* Yasuj Airport, Iran, IATA airport code * YES Airways, later OLT Express, Poland


* Yale Entrepreneurial Society, US * YES Snowboards * The YES! Association, a Swedish artist collective * Yes! Youth Movement, Russia * Young European Socialists formally ECOSY * Youth Empowerment Scheme, a children's charity, Belfast, Northern Ireland * Youth Energy Squad (Y.E.S) * Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability * YES (Lithuanian political party)


* ''Yes!'' (Hong Kong magazine) * ''Yes!'' (U.S. magazine), a magazine focused on social justice and sustainability * ''Yes!'' (Philippine magazine), a showbiz-oriented magazine * ''Yes'' (novel), a 1978 novel by Thomas Bernhard * ''Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania'', by Bryan Danielson, also known as Daniel Bryan

Film, television and radio

* ''Yes'' (film), a 2004 film by Sally Potter * yes (Israel), an Israeli satellite television provider * YES Network, Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network * Yes TV, a Canadian religious television system

Radio stations

* WTKN, formerly Yes 94.5, a radio station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US * YES 933, a Singaporean radio station



* Yes (band), English progressive rock band ** Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman, a spinoff of this band

Musicals and operetta

*''Yes'' (musical) 1928, Maurice Yvain


* ''Yes'' (Yes album), by rock band Yes, 1969 * ''The Yes Album'', by rock band Yes, 1971 * ''Yes'' (Alvin Slaughter album) * ''Yes!'' (Chad Brock album) * ''Yes!'' (Jason Mraz album), 2014 * ''Yes!'' (k-os album), 2009 * ''Yes'' (Mika Nakashima album) * ''Yes'' (Morphine album), 1995 * ''Yes'' (Pet Shop Boys album), 2009 * ''Yes!'', classical album by Julie Fuchs 2015 * ''Yes L.A.'', 1979 punk rock compilation EP * ''Yes.'' (EP), 2021 EP by Golden Child


* "Yes" (Ben & Tan song), 2020 * "Yes!" (Chad Brock song), 2000 * "Yes" (Coldplay song), 2008 * "Yes" (LMFAO song), 2009 * "Yes" (McAlmont & Butler song), 1995 * "Yes" (Sam Feldt song), 2017 * "Yes!" by Amber, 2002 *"Yes", by Beyoncé, from ''Dangerously in Love'', 2003 *"Yes", by Billy Swan, 1983 *"Yes", by Black Sheep (group), 1991 *"Yes", by Connie Cato, 1975 *"Yes", by Demi Lovato, from ''Confident'', 2015 *"Yes", by The Family, 1985 *"Yes", by Grapefruit, 1968 *"Yes", by Jay & The Americans, 1962 *"Yes", by Johnny Sandon And The Remo Four, 1963 *"Yes", by Karl Wolf feat. Super Sako, Deena, Fito Blanko, 2019 *"Yes!", by Kyle (musician), 2020 * "YES", by Louisa Johnson feat. 2 Chainz, 2018 *"Yes", by Manic Street Preachers, from ''The Holy Bible'', 1994 *"Yes", by Merry Clayton, 1987 (from the ''Dirty Dancing'' film soundtrack) *"Yes", by Pet Shop Boys, 2009 *"Yes", by Tim Moore, 1985 *"Yes", from Maurice Yvain's 1928 musical, ''Yes''

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