ZAZ Tavria ( uk|ЗАЗ-Таврія) is a range of front-wheel-drive subcompact cars produced by the Soviet and then Ukrainian manufacturer ZAZ. ZAZ-1102 Tavria and subsequent ZAZ-1102 Tavria Nova, ZAZ-1105 Dana, ZAZ-1103 Slavuta and ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-Up replaced the rear wheel drive Zaporozhets series in the product lineup. Production of all ZAZ Tavria models (except Pick-up) stopped in 2007

ZAZ-1102 Tavria

In the 1970s, several experimental models of hatchback and two-door sedan were created in the USSR. ZAZ-1102 Tavria, a 3-door hatchback released in 1987, was the first model of the range. It features independent MacPherson struts suspension at the front and a twist-beam rear suspension. The water-cooled MeMZ-245 I4 engine was a major shift forward from the air-cooled V4 used in former models. The 1102 acquired the Tavria name in 1989. It was chosen in an internal factory contest and resembles ''Tauric'', the ancient Greek name of Crimea.

ZAZ-1102 Tavria Nova

ZAZ-1102 Tavria Nova started production in 1999.

ZAZ-1103 Slavuta

ZAZ-1103 Slavuta was a 5-door B-class liftback released in 1995 and discontinued in 2011. It featured a fuel injection engine of 1,2-1,3 liters. Due to the use of a liftback type body with an elongated roof line and rounded contours of hood and trunk lid, the movement of turn indicators onto the headlamp assemblies (increased rounding radius from 20 to 50 mm) and the removal of rain gutters from above the doors, not only was a completely new shape of created, but also the aerodynamics were improved, the luggage compartment volume increased, the loading height lowered (by 60 cm), and the dirtying of the rear glass in rainy weather was decreased. When ZAZ started the production of Chevrolet Lanos, some design elements of Chevrolet Lanos (such as seat and door parts) were added to Slavuta. During the period of production more than 140 000 cars were produced. In January 2011 the last car of ZAZ-1103 "Slavuta" model was produced by ZAZ line, and it was sold during an online auction on February 11, 2011 for 47,020 hryvnias. ZAZ Forza became the direct descendant of Slavuta on the line. ''ZAZ-Slavuta'' and ''ZAZ-Tavria'' family were the last wholly Ukrainian cars. In 2004 the Slavuta was awarded zero stars out of a possible four by the Russian ARCAP safety assessment program.

ZAZ-1105 Dana

ZAZ-1105 Dana, a 5-door wagon version was released in 1992 and discontinued in 1999. Since 1996, a commercial van has been made. The latest version uses updated MeMZ-301 engines with fuel injection. Compared to the standard "Tavria" it had improved aerodynamics.

ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-Up

ZAZ-11055 Tavria Pick-Up is a commercial vehicle designed for small cargo transportation. In contrast to the passenger models, the pickup has a fiberglass cargo compartment and plastic upper cover. The Tavria Pick-Up has a body 20 cm longer than the passenger model. ''Tavria Pick-Up'' is designated for cargo transportation, and its front support beam is made of thicker metal than in hatchback (3.2 mm instead of 2.8 mm). It was powered by a MeMZ-310 engine (1.1-1.3 liters). ''Tavria Pick-Up'' behaves well on uneven road due to the reinforced structure of rear suspension. It is more rigid compared to the passenger hatchback. This also increased the vehicle's carrying capacity to 420 kg. The fiberglass cargo compartment is rigidly screwed to body. It measures 1250 mm high and 1300 mm wide. The length of cargo is 1320 mm, but it is possible to open the upper rear hatch, which is supported by pneumatic struts to transport longer items. The large area of the rear hatches of tail gate perfectly suits small traders. As such the car can be used as mobile trading stall. The lower part of the hatch can be opened to create a 'counter'.

Outside the USSR

Producers positioned Tavria as an economy-class car. It was sold in Chile as the Lada Tavria in the early 1990s, and in Colombia between 1992 and 1995. The 3-door hatchbacks were sold in Argentina from 1992 to 1995. In 1989 the USSR Ministry of Automobile industry released a promotional video targeting the Western market, which won the Cannes Bronze Lion for trade ads.


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